Training: Week of 22 April

Hi friends,

I understand some of you are still away this week. I often like to make observations that relate aikido to the things I see throughout the week, but this week is a bit different. As you likely know, I am an Army Chaplain, and as such, I approach everything from a perspective of faith. This week, yesterday in fact, Christians around the world celebrated Easter. This is the crux of human history. Upon Jesus’ exit from the tomb, humanity could no longer be the same.

I don’t have an aikido correlation, though I would offer a thought related to the spiritual perspective of martial arts and aikido in particular. Some are “wow-ed” by the amazing “spiritual” feats of grand masters and warrior monks and such. In aikido, we even carry the Japanese kanji for spirit (ki) in our name. The amazing things martial artists might accomplish aren’t done through some mystical spiritual force. In fact, most are quite easily understood through science. It really comes down to precise technique and properly applying physics to human anatomy. Even the most flexible among us can only move their structure in ways they were created to move. Martial artists through the millennia understood this and designed techniques to work against that. We will continue to demonstrate this principle as we learn new joint-locks and throws over the next several weeks.

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